How to add value to your Vacation

Alinga Resort in Cebu South understands to create Trends. Our main target is to add value to your vacation and make your stay memorable and on high value. nowadays people expect more from a Hotel or Resort than only an Overnight stay or somebody serving food to a table. 

Entertainment the keyword of the future

Our entire Service loves to entertain you. We understand Entertainment as the Keyword of the Future. Why shall you pay money for eating? Serving Food or a Room is only exceptional if there are personal memories connected to it. And memories never come from Digital Devices or high-level maintenance only. Memories are born from Humans and our Service is a synonym for Passion and love for what they are doing.

Highlight or Basic?

What others call the Highlight of their place is Basic for us. People in our country are very simple to satisfy. Therefore many of our competitors are also very fast satisfied with their own performance. This is the point when the “Special Experience!” of Alinga Resort starts. We go the extra mile for you and your comfort.

What do Celebrities say about Alinga Resort Cebu?

What shall I tell you? It needs a full Page to describe how lovely and full of ambition these people are. We stayed in their Resort to catch some footage for our next Movie Project and were treated like Family Members from the Beginning. You really get much more value with your Cebu Tour with this lovely people. In our spare time they organized Trips for us and what shall we say: Fantastic! Next time we will visit our "New Family" private and we can´t wait until we find time to do.
VIP Whaleshark Tour Cebu
Kathryn Bernardo&Daniel Padilla-Top Actors Philippines
Top Actors Philippines
As one of the most popular Singers and Bandleaders in Germany with over 270 Gigs per year I know what a good performance is. And what this People are doing is a Perfect Performance. I was impessed from Nature they showed to me and they are right- there is much more to see than Wale Sharks. That was "Tourist-Abuse". But all other Spots were breathtaking. Specially the Bulls-to Ride. But never forgetteable was the Broadway Show. We are spoiled and pampered in Germany with good Musicals but this is a total perfect Performance. Music, Lights, Story, Comedy- all of it on highest Level. I´ll come back!"
German VIP at VIP Whalesharks Tour Cebu
Tiger-Musical Artist Germany
Popular Musical Artist-Germany
Of course it were the Wale Sharks attracting us to the South of Cebu. Coincidently we found Alinga Resort. We stayed in the "Alinga Family" and asked for a good Agency because we saw plenty of Wale Shark Tourists there in the Restaurant. They organized everything for us. We met plenty of Cebu Agency Victims paying 3 times more and having permanent stress. We had a cozy trip and on our way back we stopped at Hidden Waterfalls. No Tourist-just some Locals and Plenty of Fun. For we stayed in the Resort we had no need to go back to the City and were able to stay at the Waterfalls as long we liked. Bravo Paradise People-we of course will meet again.
Korean Actor joins VIP Whaleshark Tour Cebu
Lee Hynn Jin-Actor Korea
Student Australia
This Place is really a Paradise within all that ordinary Offers on Cebu. As a Public Person I enjoyed the Privacy in this wonderful Resort. They are used to handle VIP´s because there is no run for Selfies or similar stuff. This is much more value on a Tour like to join a public Agency. Not from nothing there are to find Actors and Artists regularly in the Resort. You are treated as a Person with the need of relaxation and Privacy. The Tours they´re offering are outstanding. They know where to go without Mass Tourism and individual moments. All is done with Passion and personal Ambition.
Charity Founder Beatrice of Keyserlingk Germany
B. von Keyserlingk-Charity Founder Germany
Charity Founder-Germany

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The Answer to your Questions about Alinga Resort Cebu

Above all, Individuality and Quality of your Leisure Experience is my main Priority. Every Guest is different and same different are the Needs and Desires. My Job is to deliver the perfect Adventure to you. Sounds simple and it is as long some is doing with Passion like me.

Alinga Resort Cebu South-the different way of Vacation

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