Whale-Sharks Oslob-a memorable Trip?

We don´t think so. It is the most famous Cash Cow on Cebu. The Sharks-usually visiting our Place 2 times per year only are staing for over 8 years now. All natural behavior is lost. They cannot return into their natural wildlife and are abused from the Operators in Oslob as cash machine. Any Examination of Doctors or testing if the Whalesharks are still healthy is not in the Budget. We also accuse the Discrimination between Foreigners and Locals. Foreigners have to pay the double price. 1000 Peso for around 20 minutes on the sea. Do you think this is reasonable? 

 Cebu Trips to Oslob- a Town to stay at??

It´s up to you. If you like to pay 50% more for a room only to stay at the Whale-Shark-Place it is the best choice you will find. There are some nice resorts with professional management but mostly you find resorts operated from amateurs only concerning to make out money on the fastest way. Some rooms are embarrassing for a tourism spot. On the other hand-these rooms are cheap. Nightlife? Yes-you can watch plenty of foreigners falling in a long line in 7/11. Other kind of Entertainment we didn´t see at all.

Disappointing Factor

Plenty of Guests from other Agencies we talked to were disappointed from Whale-Sharks Cebu. Not because these Giants are not impressive. It is the way it is sold to the Customers. It´s like promising a 5 course excellent Dinner and at least serving  Fast Food. The Travel Time is too long for a 20 Minutes Activity only. Agencies are not used to extend the Customer´s adventure with more attractive Highlights. They are mostly obstinate and offer only WHAT THEY THINK you have to see. And this is the big difference to Cebu Paradise Tours. Rely to be brought to Destinations we are proud to call Highlights.

Moalboal or Oslob or better none of it?

You have plenty of highly recommended spots to waste your money for nothing. Kawasaan Falls for instance. Be happy, if they don´t charge you extra for saying Hello. But there are hundreds of other attractions really worth it to be visited. But not in a half day tour! Cebu South is good for 1 week of Adventure and Entertainment. The only thing we don´t recommend on our place is diving. There are better spots to find. Moalboal or Malapascua for instance.

Canyoneering, Unknown Waterfalls, Bull Riding and Show Highlights in Southern Cebu

This is what we recommend! Stay in one of the Beauties of Cebu. Dalaguette, Boljoon or Alcoy. All Villages are centered within the true attractions of Cebu-South. Competent Guides knowing the Area will bring you to the nicest places and most attractive destinations. Island Hopping to Sumilon or Negros are much more reasonable whe you don´t arry your money to City Agencies only estimation you for your wallet. Rooms are much more comfortable and reasonable compared to Oslob and Moalboal. We don´t talk about cheap- we talk about to get the best for your money. And if you cannot visit us without Whalesharks and Kawasan we also will bring you there on request. All is individual and adjusted to your schedule. Guest is King and must feel that we really live this doctrine and not only offer empty promises.

Are Cebu Tour Agencies worth the money you pay?

The Whale-Sharks Cebu All in One Solution
Cebu Tour Hotel-Resort

Hotel-Resort-Tour Center

Parrot Paradise Resort Alcoy

Unique Shows

Stunning Shows

Broadway on Cebu

Cebu Tour Agency Check

Insider Destinations exclusive for Paradise Customers


Team Parrot Paradise Resort

Competent "Fun-Factor" Team

Born to Serve

Tingko Beach Alcoy


Located nearby Tingko White-Sand-Baach

You will find an All in One Solution for the best Cebu Tour Experience. 

  • Perfect Time Management due to Short Distance
  • A Hotel-Resort as Tour Center with all amenities of a 4 Star Accommodation
  • Competent and above of all Local Guides and Organizers
  • Staying at the sole Place in the entire Southern Cebu with unique Evening Entertainment what is the reason for our high frequency of Celebrities in our Place.
  • A relaxing Tour instead of hounding from Destination to Destination to come in time to your City Hotel
  • Top-Destinations included the Tour a City Agency never will offer or even don´t know and much more


What do Celebrities say about Cebu Paradise Tours?

What shall I tell you? It needs a full Page to describe how lovely and full of ambition these people are. We stayed in their Resort to catch some footage for our next Movie Project and were treated like Family Members from the Beginning. You really get much more value with your Cebu Tour with this lovely people. In our spare time they organized Trips for us and what shall we say: Fantastic! Next time we will visit our "New Family" private and we can´t wait until we find time to do.
VIP Whaleshark Tour Cebu
Kathryn Bernardo&Daniel Padilla-Top Actors Philippines
Top Actors Philippines
As one of the most popular Singers and Bandleaders in Germany with over 270 Gigs per year I know what a good performance is. And what this People are doing is a Perfect Performance. I was impessed from Nature they showed to me and they are right- there is much more to see than Wale Sharks. That was "Tourist-Abuse". But all other Spots were breathtaking. Specially the Bulls-to Ride. But never forgetteable was the Broadway Show. We are spoiled and pampered in Germany with good Musicals but this is a total perfect Performance. Music, Lights, Story, Comedy- all of it on highest Level. I´ll come back!"
German VIP at VIP Whalesharks Tour Cebu
Tiger-Musical Artist Germany
Popular Musical Artist-Germany
Of course it were the Wale Sharks attracting us to the South of Cebu. Coincidently we found Paradise Tours. We stayed in the Parrot Paradise Resort and asked for a good Agency because we saw plenty of Wale Shark Tourists there in the Restaurant. They organized everything for us. We met plenty of Cebu Agency Victims paying 3 times more and having permanent stress. We had a cozy trip and on our way back we stopped at Hidden Waterfalls. No Tourist-just some Locals and Plenty of Fun. For we stayed in the Resort we had no need to go back to the City and were able to stay at the Waterfalls as long we liked. Bravo Paradise People-we of course will meet again.
Korean Actor joins VIP Whaleshark Tour Cebu
Lee Hynn Jin-Actor Korea
Student Australia
This Place is really a Paradise within all that ordinary Offers on Cebu. As a Public Person I enjoyed the Privacy in this wonderful Resort. They are used to handle VIP´s because there is no run for Selfies or similar stuff. This is much more value on a Tour like to join a public Agency. Not from nothing there are to find Actors and Artists regularly in the Resort. You are treated as a Person with the need of relaxation and Privacy. The Tours they´re offering are outstanding. They know where to go without Mass Tourism and individual moments. All is done with Passion and personal Ambition.
Charity Founder Beatrice of Keyserlingk Germany
B. von Keyserlingk-Charity Founder Germany
Charity Founder-Germany

Your Personal  Whale-Sharks Cebu Expert

Lorie Organizer of VIP Whaleshark Tour Cebu

The Answer to your Questions about Tours on Cebu-Lorie our GM and Organizer

Above all, Individuality and Quality of your Tour Experience is my main Priority. Every Guest is different and same different are the Needs and Desires. My Job is to deliver the perfect Adventure to you. Sounds simple and it is as long some is doing with Passion like me.

Exclusive Whale-Sharks Cebu Tour-Extensions

Whale-Sharks Cebu

Cebu Paradise Tours vs City Tour Agencies

Beside of our Long-Term Experience as Hotel and Entertainment Destination we invested all our power to find extraordinary Destinations for Tour Customers. Therefore we are proud to claim that we know our Surroundings similar to Locals. All in all it is proven that we know much more about common Destinations than some Guide from Cebu City who is not living in the Middle of all Cebu Highlights.

Cebu Trips and Entertainment

Certainly we know that Oslob Whale Sharks are the Number One Reason to consider a Trip to Cebu. Even more interesting is, what to do after this really short enjoyment? Hence, there is not much to see in Oslob VIP Whaleshark Tour Cebu will extend your Experience with a visit at Mikey´s Exotic. All above the abundance of Exotic Birds, Snakes and Reptile is , that most of these animals are Hand-bred and perfectly maintained.

Top Highlight Broadway Show

Cebu Entertainment only in the South

Above all we designed a Show never to see twice on Cebu. You ask us why? First of all-there is no Second Professional Musical Stage Artist to find on Cebu-but we have one. Furthermore no Hotel invests in a Stage Education Program to create a New Generation of Up-Level Artists. But we did. Another fact is that only Expensive Hotels own Equipment like we do and either they use it as automatic Side-Effect or they are Limited with Technical Skills. In our Destination all is done on International Upper-Level. Finally you will talk more about the Show than ever about the Whalesharks.

Trips on Cebu for Smart Visitors

  • 100% Customized Packages
  • Perfect located Tour Center in Alcoy
  • An All in One Solution
  • Overnight Stay in an Up-Level Resort
  • Time to Relax-Time to Enjoy
  • Unique Places
  • Bombastic Broadway Show
  • Transportation and Guiding

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