Pet-friendly Resort with a passion

A Pet-friendly Resort means true friendliness to Pets and not only a marketing gimmick. Your Pet is anytime Welcome at our Place and we treat animals with a passion-without extra charge! We love Pets like Humans and therefore there will be no place to find being similar Pet friendly like we are. Nobody will be surprised that a Resort offers clean and comfortable Rooms. This is what we already expect when we book a room for Overnight or Holidays. A true Top-Resort must have personality. And Personality comes from the team but also from the Visitors. Therefore our Resort is very often awarded for its ambiance and liveliness. And this finally shows that we have very sophisticated Guests.

Resort Guest
Pet friendly Resort Cebu

Alinga Resort in Alcoy Cebu

Alinga Resort in Alcoy, located in the South of Cebu is the mother of tourism in the Town. As the first Resort with international standard Alinga Resort formerly named Bodo´s Resort is a pioneer in the development and innovation of tourism trends. The strongest feature of this accommodation in Alcoy is in fact the unique guest targeting and customized customer care of the team. In Alinga Resort people feel at home immediately. The service comes in a very heartful but authentic way and enchants people to enjoy every minute of their stay.

Culinary Wellness for Pet Owners

Every good Resort will have also a great Restaurant. Culinary Wellness means that we are not only providing excellent food. We also create a kind of Ambiance so that your soul is also maintained. A smile from people never seen before or a good talk will make your day. Also, a Restaurant depends on the Attitude of its guests. Our Awards are also an honor to our regular and awesome Visitors and Clients.

Highlights for all Guests

One of our Highlights is that people get to know each other in our Place. Plenty of new friendships are founded in Alinga Resort. May the country be labeled as shy and introverted we show that there is a quite opposite way also to find. For we are interested in who you are you also will learn who the people around are. When we feel that several people have common interests we introduce them to each other. We are very active in founding friendships and sometimes also partnerships in our Resort. Very often isolated people leave with plenty of new friends after staying at our Resort or Restaurant.

Alinga Tourism Trends

Cebu First Show-Highlight 2021

Concerts are rare in times of Covid. Our first Cebu Show Highlight took place on Easter-Saturday 2021.  A full Screen- Performance of Jesus Christ-Superstar-the famous Rock Opera of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.  But the remarkable Extras was that all Guitars were played lives-and this was done by a former Original Orchestra Musician performing this Show plenty of times in Europe on the most famous stages. A musical delight barely to find on Cebu-but available in Alinga Resort Alcoy. This ambiance is not to describe and we look forward to our next entertainment of this kind with cultural interested and open-minded people.

Image Source: Alinga Productions Munich-Cebu, Google