Cebu Tour Agency Check helps to select the perfect Tour Agency for your Cebu Trip. In conclusion we arranged by subjects the most attractive destinations. Likewise you will find out what Agencies you should beware from

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What kind of Traveller am I?

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Agency Check dissuades from

I want to see as much I can in short time

This is offered from almost all Agencies. Book any City Tour Agency of your choice. Compare Prices because service is quite similar from all.

Cebu Paradise Tours follows a totally different concept. We think a City Tour Agency is more appropriate to your Requirements.

I already found my Destinations with Online Recherche

Have a talk to Cebu Paradise Experts. They can propose Add Ons and more Details about the Destinations.

Beware of Agencies referring to their Website. As long they are not willing to spend time for your questions they also don´t at the Tour.

I only want to Visit the “Must-See-Destinations”

What”Must-See-Destinations” are to find on Cebu? Mostly what Bloggers or paid Marketing Companies publish online. No one of them knows the Destination and only write what they are paid for. 

Agency Check is worried that you may be very disappointed after your Trip. You are an Individual Person and same individual your Tour should be created. However we recommend to re-consider your schedule and talk to Cebu Paradise Tour Ecxperts.

I am interested in Culture only

Agency Check recommends to look for a true Cultural Package. Best way to get what you are looking for is to book with Paradise Tours. They will create an individual Package for you.

True Cultural Package are hard to find at City Agencies. They try to put a little of everything in a package to attract more people. So you will pay for things, you are not interested in.

I perceive a Trip as one of many components of my stay

Packages from almost all Tour Agencies are stress. 3 to 4 Destinations per Package, Lunch or breakfast and all in all a transfer of 6 to 7 hours. This the a Focus Skill of Cebu Paradise Tours. In short with this Operator you have all you need. A great Resort, relaxing time, awesome trips and great Entertainment.

Beware from Tours starting in the City or Mactan. You will waste much time in a Car instead of enjoying the Trip. Plan 2 to 4 nights in a Resort located in the South. This can best be done with Cebu Paradise Tours

Secrets that Agency Check reveals for you

Top Destinations Cebu

The Wale Shark Hype in Oslob


Published Commercials

What Agencies tell you

Wale-Sharks Oslob is the most omnipresent topic when we talk about a Trip to Cebu. No other spot occurs more attention worldwide. No other Attraction causes more contrary point of view than Wale Sharks and the Way they are presented.  Foundations like WWF or Greenpeace call it “Animal Abuse”  and some scientists praise it as Unique Chance to learn more about these Giants in the Sea. At least the People here see them as a good money income to survive in a Third World Country. Every Agency will tell you how unique this experience is-what emotions they occur when you swim with them, how peaceful they are and how much they care about these animals with a Big Does and Donts Seminar before going into the sea.

Whale Shark Oslob

What Nobody likes to tell you

We also perceive this “Top-Attraction” as critical and in our Agency we don´t recommend it as the One and Only “Must See” on Cebu. But we accept that this is the Main Priority for almost all Tourists visiting Cebu. It´s not in our Power to decide if we should have bad conscience with a Wale Shark Trip. But we want to tell you frankly how this Trips are operated. This is not to blame Agencies-this is policy of the Operators in Oslob-the Local Government and Municipality. Please note: This Trip is mostly offered as a Half-Day Trip. And a Half Day is 12 Hours. hen you start in Cebu City you will stay in a Transport Van for all in all 6-7 Hours! The “Seminar-Show” is around 30 Minutes. Your Contact with Wale Sharks is 20 to maximum 30 Minutes. Don´t think this is Similar to Dolphin Watching where you spend hours on the Sea and meet Dolphins in Freedom. These Wale Sharks are coming because they put some good smelling soup (good smelling for Wale Sharks probably) to the Water. How much emotions will come up with an Experience like this? 

Agencies always combine these Trip with a Second Spot. Why? Because there is NOTHING ELSE to see in Oslob. The most popular Spot is a 7/11 Store. And to watch Wale Sharks for 20 Minutes your ride 7 hours in a car! The Second Spot is a Waterfall or Sumilon Island or Kawasan. How much time you still have in a place like this to admire the Beauty and Peace of the Place? Not much, because your back trip to Cebu limits all flexible Tour Experience.

Top Islands and Waterfalls

Sumilon Kawasan Falls and Kawasan Canyoneering

Waterfall Hopping Kawasan

Published Commercials

What Agencies tell you

Sumilon Island is exactly that kind of backdrop Movie Makers are looking for.White Sand Beaches-crystal-clear Water-all like jumping out of a Dream. You have to transfer by Boat. For it is also offered in Packages there are plenty of Tourists daily to find-similar to Kho Phi-Phi in Thailand and hard to find a place of little Privacy.  


The Kawasan Falls are the biggest and most famous Falls on Cebu South. Plenty of Tourists and Visitors come daily to admire these 3 Level Falls. 


Kawasan Canyoneering is a great Fun Action. There are different levels to book depending from your physical condition. It´s fun and action.

What Nobody likes to tell you

What Agency Check reveals

What Agency Check says about Sumilon: It´s worth it to be visited! Created to relax and unwind and to enjoy the tranquility of the Area. Of course it´s really hard to find a place of Privacy there but this great Nature will enchant you. What we don´t recommend to book it as “Oslob-Extention” only. This is a full day Trip when you want to have a true value with this Trip. There are also Packages with “Fine Dining” available at Bluewater Resort-a Partner of our Company. Plenty of Agencies ignore that People like to stay longer and remind them to the Strict Schedule they have to follow.


The Kawasan Falls: You want to go there-ok, we also will bring you. But realize that this Tourist Destination is one of the most expensive to find. You think it is already paid with your Tour? Yes it is- that the Agency brings you there but inside you pay extra for almost everything. As we visited the first time we were charged 300 Pesos extra for using the Table in a Restaurant we already bought all our Food&Beverages. We wonder when they start charging only for a “Good Morning”. There are much better Falls, same impressive much cheaper to find. 


Kawasan-Canyoneering Totally contrary to Kawasan-Falls, the Canyoneering is a Pretty Great Experience. They offer Fair Prices and create the Trail to your Physical Condition. Safety First is a Main Priority for Operators and this guarantees Fun and Action. Cebu Paradise Tours holds a Special Partnership with 2 Operators over there offering Fair Rates but much more important for us is their Competency and Entertainment Skills. Our Offer for Canyoneering comes included Lunch after the Trail-and believe us: You will be hungry after that Adventure

THis are Historical&Cultural Spots on Cebu

Mama Mary-Boljoon Church-Oslob Heritage

Agency Check Boljoon Church

Published Commercials

What Agencies tell you

Church of Simala: When you visit this outstanding Church the first time you will feel, your heartbeat speeds up. This Church is built like a Castle-maybe King Ludwig II from Bavaria-Germany was the Mastermind of this Construction very similar to “Neu-Schwanstein” in Germany”. It seems to be like a Hollywood Backdrop in one of the Big Studios. There are many legends of Miracles surrounding this Catholic Churchand plenty of Filipinos come over there to beg and pray for Health, Prosperity and a Good Life. It is the most famous Place of Pilgrimagein entire Philippines. The way they proceed let us feel the second major influence to the Philippines: The years of Hollywood since USA took over the Fate of the Country, what is present until today.


The Church of Boljoon is witness for the 350 years Period of the Spanish and Portuguese Colonialism. The Philippines are the most “European” Country in Asia what you will find in their Food,their Believe and also in their Language. Still the Catholic Church owns the most powerful Influence in the Country and sometimes Decisions are made from Church instead of Government as if the Spaniards never left the Country.

You also will perceive the Spirit of Spain when you visit Boljoon Heritage. Everywhere you find the Architecture of Spain  

What Nobody likes to tell you

What Agency Check reveals

Churches, Churches and once again Churches….

It is nice to visit churches but this is a beside stop only. We would understand this as a Highlight, if Agencies send Guides telling the Story of the Church. But normally the Guide is holding Siesta as long you are in the Church. Our Guides know the Story of the Churches and will tell it to our Guest. Simala is a big Exception. Why? Because the extraordinary Construction and the Hollywood Hype over there is also interesting for Non-Believers. Just take it like a Stop at Disneyland. 

THis are the Top concealed Gems of Cebu

Broadway-Show”Tradition”-Treasure-Hunt-Mikey´s Exotic-Tingko-Fun-Bull-Riding-Waterfalls

Treasure Hunt only with Cebu Paradise Tours
Agency Check Bull RIde Alcoy
Play Video

Published Commercials

What Agencies tell you

Broadway Show “Tradition” what do you know about the Philippines-what about History of Cebu? How would you describe the Mentality of Cebuanons? You will know all about this after watching the Show “Tradition”. Written and Directed by a Former Broadway Musician it is a High-Level Stage Play with all you ever was looking for on Cebu: Brilliant Music with Crystal-Clear Sound, Impressive Light-Images and stunning Choreography. The Story is thrilling and performed in a Funny, Serious and Emotional Way. After watching this you will appreciate what this country already went through and you will change your mind estimating the Philippines as a Country of Karaoke, Beer and Catholic Fanaticism only. A strong Recommendation of Agency Check Cebu. 

Cebu-Paradise Tours Treasure-Hunt is a full Package of Thrill, Fun and Action. Demystify the Riddle of Alcoy what we designed to bring you to the most interesting Destinations of Alcoy. This Package combines all of this Category: Bull-Riding-Tingko Boat Fun, Mikey´s Exotic, The show, Overnight Stay all inclusive and much more.


Mikey´s Exotics is also available as Single Trip. Animals endangered from extinction are given a chance in this wonderfll Park full of Exotic and Colorful Animals from the Philippines. Hand-bred and perfectly maintained you will learn all about this remaining Treasure of Nature. 


Ride the Bull This is pure Fun. These Bulls have a Top-Speed of 2 Miles per Hour. You visit one of the most untouched Natural Areas of Alcoy-Nug-As– the last remaining Rain-Forest on Cebu. Of course you will explore this captivating Area by Bull-like Centuries ago, before Cars and Air-Pollution started to Damage our Planet. These Animals are Off-Shore- Wale-Sharks. Impressive in Appearance and Peaceful like Gandhi. A Must-Do-It, if you visit Cebu.


Tingko-Boat-Fun Time to relax. Take your cozy seat on our Boat and travel round the Alcoy Shore. Jump into the Sea and Swim or Snorkel. Tingko- Beach is one of the Most Famous White-Sand-Beaches of Cebu and the Sandbank-called Mambaje-Reef-welcomes you with a captivating Micro-World of Animals and Plants. 

What Nobody likes to tell you

What Agency Check reveals

 Broadway Show “Tradition” This Way of Discovering Cebu is only to book at Cebu Paradise Tours and we tell you why: 

Agency Check Tradition

We created this Show because there is nothing similar offered in the entire Cebu. We checked the Mactan-Show but this is a Show based on Travesty with nice colors but no content. It is quite professional but far away from Modern Show Design like it is standard in almost every Tourist Country in the World. 

Agency Check Sister Act

We are sad, that Cebu Tour Agencies seem to limit all about Cebu´s Origin, Culture and History to the plastic world swapping from USA to the Country. The Sinulog Festival is the only to find on Cebu attracting People watching a Show but at least it is only a Religious Parade. Plenty of People will not understand without somebody to explain. This is different in our Show. We explain everything and try to communicate that there is much more to find on Cebu than Hundreds of Churches-becoming boring after the third you have seen. 

Agency Check Church Cebu

Plenty of Cebu Tour Agencies assume that you as a Tourist have to accept what is important for locals and they don´t care about what is maybe interesting for you. This is to change and our Show is a big step on this way. Why other Agencies (except our 4 Premium Agencies CSP,Haha Tours, BTN and Maibaun) not offer the Show and our Packages? Because we want to sell this with a Fair Price. Agencies only supporting our Packages when we pay high commission to them will occur that you pay at least a very high price. And this is never what we call a fair and sustaining Tourism! The same goes for all of our Offers: Mikey´s Exotics, our Waterfalls beside Kawasan, Bull-Riding-Boat Trips are all earning money with us but they all will not grow the Price you have to pay.

There are almost 14 fantastic Waterfalls in our Area. No need to visit the most expensive one when all others are similar and same impressive..

Cebu Tour Agency Check

Agency Check Guide

What to consider when you execute an Agency Check

Agency Check before Booking

Range of Packages Competency of Consultation







Acency Check Customer Consultation

Stress-Factor of the Trip









Agency Check Stress

Modelling and Creativity

Agency Check Create

This you shall expect

  • Is there another Contact beside a Contact-Form on the Webpage?
  • Do they reply within 30 Minutes on a normal Working Day?
  • Do they direct you to the Packages on the Website without any individual customizing?
  • Do they give a Personal Description of the Tour Destination? Do they offer Guides coming from the Destination to go? 
  • Are there Packages beside Half-Day or Full-Day-Trips?
  • Do they offer Overnight Packages?
  • Do they offer Spare-Time Stops to relax?






Agency Care Relax
  • Are the Packages focused on one kind of Trips only? (Diving only-Churches only-Nature only)
  • Do you miss a Tour-Mix of Activity, Culture, History, Nature and Entertainment?
  •  Is there a lack of self-motivated Consultation, so that you only get reply to your questions and no suggestion from the Agency?
  • Do they deny any negative Aspect of the Destination even if you mention some concern?

Agency Check Ranking

 If your answer is 2 or more times “No” better look for another Agency. This is “Old-Fashioned Travelling” remaining from the Beginning of Tour Business on Cebu. Your Chance to see something more than Overcrowded Mass-Tourism goes to 0% 


 If your answer is 1 or more times “No” better look for another Agency.

This shows that the Agency is a so called “Taxi-Driver-Agency” only. They bring you safely from Destination to Destination but they are not interested in the Place they go with you. They just go, where all others also go.    They don´t check, what Customers want and don´t have a “review-system”  to update the changing desires of Modern Travellers. Worst thing is: They even don´t realize, if you want to stay longer at  Place and due to Group-Progress they cannot adjust the Time-Table of your Trip.

If your answer is One or more timesYes”  Agency Check recommends another Agency. 

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