Why changes Trips on Cebu that often to Disappointing Tours?

This comes because People more and more realize that Whale-Sharks are a Milking Cow and not a memorable Adventure for Guests. This is also because People book these Packages impressed from great Pictures and don´t read what is really inside Oslob. Whale-Sharks Swimming is done in 20 Minutes and what comes next? Nothing because the most frequented place over there is a 7/11 Store and that´s the entire Night Entertainment of Oslob. Smart Bookers get information in advance and if so they will book a Tour with much more content. And this means-not in Oslob if it shall not be one of the next Disappointing Tours.

Must see on Cebu

to avoid Disappointing Tours

Stop Disappointing Tours Broadway

Shows and Live-Performance

Only at Cebu Paradise Tours

Stop Disappointing Tours Cebu Mountain Falls Alcoy

Insider Destinations

Reasoanble and Valuable

Carabao Ride only with Paradise Tours

Unique Fun Activities

Try to find another Agency offering this

Cebu Tour Center

Ambiance and Personality

Highest Level also after your Trip

Compare Oslob Hotels with Paradise Tour Center

Smart is who finds the Difference

Disappointing Tours Oslob Room

Hotel in Oslob

1920 Peso per night

Disappointing Tours Oslob 3 Star Hotel

3 Stars in Oslob

3200 Peso per night

Top Hotel Oslob

Top Hotel in Oslob

2900 Peso per night

Cebu Paradise Tours Center

Our rooms for you

2300 Peso per night

Value instead of Disappointing Tours

Stop booking Disappointing Tours on Cebu and enrich them with attractive Highlights in Southern Cebut.

2,500 Peso Tour Package

No Pick Up and bring back Cebu included

4,500 Peso Tour Package

Depends from Number of Guests

7,500 Peso Super Tour Package

40 Pax. (More or Less Pax on request)

All-In-One Solutions are the best choice for your Cebu Trip. No extra costs for Cooperate Partners or Commisions. All is transparent when you a book with Cebu Paradise Tours.  Contact Us

Frequently asked questions

We offer several channels for your Payment. Deposit in our Bank Account, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Cash on site. A Deposit of 50% is mandatory when you book Package with Transfer from and to Cebu City or Airport Mactan and if you book a Package included Broadway Show. 

Yes of course. All Trips and Tours are also big Fun for Children. Canyoneering and Wale Sharks may have some restrictions for children below a special age or below a special size. This is not within our influence and we have to accept rules and policies from operators over there.

We tell the Story about the Philippines. The Show is created similar to true Broadway Stage Plays in New York, Europe, Korea or Japan. A Protagonist tells the Story and the Cast delivers impressions. All is wrapped into Musical Hits from famous Productions like Phantom of the Opera, Sister Act or A Chorus Line. We created own but also perform Original Choreography and surprise with a stunning Light-and Sound- Design. Find more at broadway.bbb-alcoy.com

Walesharks are about 40 Minutes and Kawasan takes around 1 Hour. Compared to other Agencies starting in Cebu this is a very short trip. Minimum from Cebu is around 3 hours. This occurs a permanent hurry. People from Cebu Agencies find no time to relax, dine or stay longer at a place because traffic forces the drivers to hurry to arrive in Cebu City at Dinner Time of Major Hotels.

We tell you frankly: This Tour Agencies are mostly Taxi Businesses only. They need customers for paying the Lease of their cars. Most of them never had education in Tourism Industry. As the Wale Sharks became famous they found a way to earn money in short time. Before, they had to transfer Tourists from Airport to several Hotels. Now they are the Ones telling the Hotels the Prices. Almost all of them negotiate with Hotels like us. They don´t care about the rooms, they never check the Menu of the Restaurant. They only ask the Prices, what we are paying commission per Guest and that we shall hide our Prices so that they can add on when they sell the Trip. We are transparent: You can anytime check our Room Rates in Web and will learn, that our Package Deals are anytime below the regular Price. All is done with us. So if there is any problem we are the ones finding a solution and not 4 or 5 different vendors wich all tell you that they are not to blame for it!