An Up-Level Tour is our Specialty. Almost all Up-Market Guests are lost in their effort to find sophisticated Trips. All above this it is a Problem from City Agencies. Most of them think it is sufficient to bring you to the Church. But Paradise Tours Cebu knows about the value about the History of Cebu and we are happy to combine our Knowledge with your Desire of learning 

What to experience on a Up-Level Tour?

When we talk about Culture we have to admit that this means Religion. Catholic Rules and Standards. The Origin of Philippine Culture is only extant in Fragments.  Learn why we talk about “350 years convent and 50 years Hollywood” when we talk about the Heritage of the Philippines. Most of it you will learn with our unique Broadway Show “Tradition”Most of all crucial changes in the Philippines took place in Mactan and Cebu City, hence we recommend a City Tour with one of the Local Agencies over there. But please check, if they only will bring you to the Destinations or if they also Rate this Kind of Trip as an Up-Level-Tour on Cebu. With us you are able to visit places where the consequences of  this Historical Tragedy is palpable.

Up-Level-Tour-Cebu-Church of Simala (Mama Mary) and Church of Boljoon

Mama Mary Simala Church Cebu

Church of Simala (Mama Mary) and Boljoon (Eldest Church in Cebu South)

When you visit Churches then you must see the most contrary Representatives. Mamma Mary-the Catholic Disneyland stands in Opposite to Boljoon Church which is standing for Tradition and History.

Corporate Identity of Cebu Paradise Tours


  • Flexible time table 
  • Transport and Guide included
  • Information about Churches included
  • Booking as Single Trip
  • Snack included
Competitive Tour Agencies Cebu

Feature Comparison

  • Fixed Timetable only
  • Transport and Guide included
  • No Information about Churches from Guides
  • Booking only in Package Trip
  • Snacks not included

Pricing Up-Level-Tour-Cebu Churches and Heritage

All our Prices are calculated individual. To learn that VIP-Service need not be Expensive we Name our Average Highest Price (1 Person) per Head and also the Average Price of City Agencies on Highest Level.

Php 3,200

Paradise Tours Price

Php 6,500

City Agency Price

Our Rating for Simala Church


Our Rating for Boljoon Church


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All-In-One Solutions are the best choice for your Cebu Trip. No extra costs for Cooperate Partners or Commisions. All is transparent when you a book with Cebu Paradise Tours.  Contact Us

Frequently asked questions

We offer several channels for your Payment. Deposit in our Bank Account, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card or Cash on site. A Deposit of 50% is mandatory when you book Package with Transfer from and to Cebu City or Airport Mactan and if you book a Package included Broadway Show. 

People expecting an Up-Level Tour when they visit Cebu. It is nice to visit several Animals but this is not all the Country has to offer. Every country owns its Heritage and plenty of Stories are written from Conquerors and Colonialists.The Philippines are one of the richest countries regarding to suppression and loosing  Origin. Learn why  we talk about “350 years convent and 50 years Hollywood”.

No. When you book with Cebu Paradise Tours all Package Prices are included all Entrance Fees and Guide Fees.

Visiting both Churches will take around 3,5 Hours included Transfer. It´s up to you how long you want to stay at each Destination. No problem for us to extend or shorten the Trip.

We tell you frankly: This Tour Agencies are mostly Taxi Businesses only. They need customers for paying the Lease of their cars. Most of them never had education in Tourism Industry. As the Wale Sharks became famous they found a way to earn money in short time. Before, they had to transfer Tourists from Airport to several Hotels. Now they are the Ones telling the Hotels the Prices. Almost all of them negotiate with Hotels like us. They don´t care about the rooms, they never check the Menu of the Restaurant. They only ask the Prices, what we are paying commission per Guest and that we shall hide our Prices so that they can add on when they sell the Trip. We are transparent: You can anytime check our Room Rates in Web and will learn, that our Package Deals are anytime below the regular Price. All is done with us. So if there is any problem we are the ones finding a solution and not 4 or 5 different vendors wich all tell you that they are not to blame for it!