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Cebu Paradise Tours is located in the Center of all Southern Cebu Highlights. Therefore there is no better way to discover Cebu. Whale Sharks, Waterfalls, Churches and Heritages are all close to our Tour Center in Alcoy.

“Fairness is Main Priority of our business"

Respect for all involved Parties a Must

Therefore we place great importance to the communication with our Guests from the beginning. So please get in Touch with us to give any suggestions or advises helping to improve your personal Tour Experience Cebu.

Cebu Paradise Tours Location

We would love to welcome you to our gorgeous resort in the breathtaking Alcoy-Cebu-South

Enjoy the best possible vacation for your family

Our Promise to you

Giving the best for your Fun and Entertainment is what we working for. As a result we decided not to follow the common and meanwhile less attractive way of Rush-Tourism. We sort out what is reasonable and valuable for our Guests. For example are we one of the rare Tour Operators not recommending Whale Sharks as Top Destination. In other words Whale Sharks are worth to be visited but this Place must be seen as what it is: A half hour Attraction not able to fill a Tour and mostly not fulfilling the high expectations the marketing of plenty agencies imply. We sort out what you are interested in and we understand our own as Partner helping to create the best Trip together with you.