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Excellent Dining in South Cebu

Fine Dining is more trendy in Cebu now. We are fans of sophisticated dining instead of filling your stomach only. There are so many fantastic dishes to find on our Planet. What a nightmare to imagine that we have to eat every day the same! Therefore we offer a wide range of several kinds of food from multiple countries. As perfectionists, we invited original chefs from these countries to teach our cooks before we put something new on our menu. If ever you have a bad day- just visit Alinga Resort and we will send back some sunlight to you!

Experience a Top-Restaurant in Cebu

How often Restaurants call themselves a Top-Restaurant. There are many ways to be exceptional and we decided to create a place where people want to spend time. Besides our Food, there must be more reasons to visit our place. We offer High-Quality Food for normal people. If you are a Local or a Foreigner-all people are welcome in our Restaurant. Our Main target is to bring people together in an environment of tolerance and mutual understanding. Besides our Restaurant, we also deliver our Food and offer Catering for all kinds of Events. Our Menu contains dishes you barely will find a second time on Cebu. For we traveled a lot in our Life we brought all Specials from Several Countries to the Philippines. Finally, you will find not one Restaurant at Alinga. You can select from an Italian or German- an Austrian or American and certainly also a Local Restaurant. Join your trip through the Culinary World. (Prices are not binding-Menu can change-Prices are different in Peak Seasons)

Restaurant Appetizers

Alinga Starters

A classy Lunch or Dining is divided into several parts. True Dining is like a storyboard of a Blockbuster Movie. Boost tension and thrill and start slowly with one of our appetizers

Soups and Traditionals

Soup Salad or directly to a Traditional Main Course

It is up to you how the trip is going on. Select if you want to have a Salad first or you enjoy a Soup. Some people want to go directly to one of our Traditional Main Courses. Find a Mix from Classic Local or International Food

Alinga Best Sellers

Top Sellers

We offer plenty of different dishes. But there are some people are really addicted to. Maybe because the recipe is secret. Our Pork Legs are under license from a Guide Michelin Chef from Europe and nowhere to find again in entire Philippines.

The famous Alcoy Pizza


Since our start in the Year 2004 all competitors around try to copy our Pizza. All of them failed. This is already a brand in the South of Cebu und we permanently add new Pizza Ideas on top!

The famous Alcoy Pizza


Let´s stay in Italy for a while. This country is also famous for its wonderful Pasta. You have to know when it is "al dente"-and we know!

Burger specials in Alcoy

Burgers mad in USA

Burgers are a Special not many people can do. Even we admit that we are not delivering a 100% USA Burger. On the other hand plenty of American guests tell us that nobody comes closer to the Original like we! Thanks for the compliment. Our Highlight is a Special flavored Burger following the preferred taste of Philippinos.

Fish and Seafood Specials

Fresh from the Sea

It would amount a sacrilege to live beside the sea and not offering Seafood or Fish. Select from our "Fresh-from-the Sea" Menu

Exciting Wedding Catering


If you are a group or want to design your own platter-no problem for us. Tell us how it shall look like and we prepare it

Sweet Desserts

Desserts before Departure

Before you will leave or decide to have only a few Drinks in a sophisticated society tell your body that the Culinary trip will end. Do it wioth one of our delicious desserts and the Trip gets the final gems.

Alcoy Top Restaurant Cebu

Catering and Delivery

Besides our Menu we offer Catering for all kinds of Events inhouse or outbound. Just ask for suggestions and prices. This way the famous Alinga Food is also available at your home!