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Alinga Restaurant Alcoy

Top-Restaurant in Cebu-South

Plenty of Awards and Honors we already received.

The most important Award is when we exceed your expectations

Instagrammable Top Restaurant

Instagrammable and with fantastic scenery our Top Restaurant is waiting for you. It is a place that people love in all. Alinga Restaurant is a place where people are not coming to eat only.  Food is only one of many features making a restaurant visit to an event. Plenty of people visit us not for being hungry. They love the ambiance and enjoy the well-maintained area around them. You will dine in a wonderful scenery that is perfect for Picture Taking. Many couples use our place for their prenup videos. The place is highly Instagramable. They love the Sea-view and the kindness of our service. Some seek for talking and discussing and we are anytime accessible. Our staff is not finished with the job when they have served your dishes. They will ask you how your day was and what happened since your last visit. This is a kind of Family bonding. Our guests love that it feels not like Business it feels like Passion. People bringing plates to a table and printing bills from a fully automatic working POS you find many in Cebu. People understanding what “serving” means are rare and some of them you will find at our Place.

Alinga Restaurant Alcoy Cebu

Restaurant and High-Class Catering in Cebu South

We offer High-Quality Food for normal people. We think we are the Catering with the highest ambition and passion in the South: If you are a Local or a Foreigner-all people are welcome in our Restaurant. Our Main target is to bring people together in an environment of tolerance and mutual understanding. Besides our Restaurant, we also deliver our Food and offer Catering for all kinds of Events. Our Menu contains dishes you barely will find a second time on Cebu. For we traveled a lot in our Life we brought all Specials from Several Countries to the Philippines. Finally, you will find not one Restaurant at Alinga. You can select from an Italian or German- an Austrian or American and certainly also a Local Restaurant. Join your trip through the Culinary World.