Cebu Tourism Trends

Cebu Tourism Trends sounds a bit funny. Well knows as a country of followers nobody expects real Tourism Trends coming from Cebu or the Philippines. But in 2004 our business started as a Pioneer in Tourism and established international standards of hospitality in Alcoy-Cebu. We show that there is more to find than Karaoke and low-budget tourism only. Our high level of ambiance and guest entertainment is coming from our guests. Cultural interest and open-minded people fell very home at our place. Here you can discuss on a remarkable level but also can enjoy original Musical productions and other Show Performances you usuaölly only find in industrial countries. Exceptional customer care is a true new Tourism Trend in Cebu because our entertainment is targeting exactly the desires and interests of our Guests. Still in 2021 Alinga Resort is a leader in Cebu Tourism Trends.

Cebu Tourism Trends
Alinga Tourism Trends
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Emotions as Tourism Trend?

All that we memorize is coming from emotions.

This is a further Trend we establish in Cebu. While Luxury Hotels only focus to do no mistakes we focus to create memories for you! The first look when you enter our place will already trigger some emotions. Emotions are the Pictures you still have in mind after departing from Alinga Resort. We cannot define what exactly will insert your pictures into the memory but we offer plenty of diverse impressions that you will have memories. And the best of all are emotions we share together.

How can a Trend Hotel-Resort look like?

Just watch the pictures beside. Well, maintenance and creating ambiance are a must. Plenty of competitors claim how personal they are. Many of them hide that the place is not attractive or in bad condition. To offer a fully satisfying  Travel Experience all must be on a high level and all must be authentic. Natural treatment of guests is seldom to find in a house full of Gold and Marmor. Our place is natural but exceptional. Good for any kind of activities and celebrations.

Come as Stranger and leave as a Friend

Emotions are bare to express with words. In Alinga Resort we serve people because we love to serve. We are happy to meet people with huge Diversity. We all can learn from your Personality and your experiences. We are interested in the Person sharing time with us. Therefore we do our Job in a way like your Family is also doing. Making you happy is not an obligation is our passion
Alinga Moments
Guest Relation
This is how we want to see our Guests