Cebu cheap instagrammable Event Venue perfect for Social Media Posts

Do you look for a cheap instagrammable event venue in Cebu? Perfect for posts in Social Media is an additional Feature of our stunning Place. Alinga Resort proves that a High-Class Wedding and Event Venue can be cheap compared to the inclusions you´ll get. Plenty of Competitors claim to be the best choice. Finally, you are surprised when you get the bill how creative some are in extra charging.

Wedding Venue with inclusions Cebu

Short footage from a typical Alinga Wedding. Song produced only for the Wedding couple!

Weddings we created to make the day the best day for the Wedding Couple. Stress-free and entire Wedding Planning included!

As we are famous as a place for all kinds of Events creating personal celebrations are our strongest feature. Usually, people rent only the venue. Catering, Decoration, Organization, Sound and Light, Video, and Photographer will be hired extra and appears on top of the bill.

We wonder why all of this is done this way when you can rent a venue with one of the best restaurants to find in Cebu.

If you further will know that the Event Management is coming from Europe and handled up to 10,000 people Events with famous Celebrities also, is this convincing you?

If you also note that we are able to gild your special day with a Song only written for you (like you can listen to in the first Video on the right side) from a Composer working for the most famous Theater Music Stages in England, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany we really wonder what we shall learn from self-defined “Wedding Planners” you prefer to hire instead of hiring the best to find in Cebu? And all of this is below the costs you will have for a similar package from the Wedding Players to find around!

We think this is a very attractive and most of all irresistible offer, right?

Wedding 2 days after Overtaking. Organized and operated from an external Wedding Agency. There we saw what can be improved…

Watch this Video to get an Idea what it means to celebrate with us

Wedding concept like we would organize it for our own children

To give all from our personality to make your Wedding or Celebration memorable and unique we mentioned already enough. Really stressed we are when we are chosen to organize a Wedding for true friends. Find it in the Video beside. Thanks, Joyce and Lutz,  Lorie and Rjay and also Sue Marie and Thomas “Moskito” for trusting us! And with the same ambition, we will do also your Celebration. Don´t be shy-and try!

The best honor for us is when close friends allow us to organize their most important day in life

And really nervous we are when our adopted children celebrate their wedding….

Starting 15k for Wedding Venue only

This is not to beat. One of the biggest names in South Cebu is to rent for your Reception or all kinds of events starting from 15 k only. With our Platinum Packages, we donate the rent for the Venue and don´t charge it extra!

Celebration shall be a "You" Time

There is only one really important thing when you celebrate: And that’s you- the Celebrant. When we are invited to another place or somebody celebrates at home, we wonder why people spend money for that kind of Celebration. In best the Food is good and the service is ambitioned.But anytime we feel that there is a gap between the celebrant and the staff. This never happens at Alinga Resort. We prepare the Event and treat the Celebrant like it is one of our best friends or a member of the Family. Of course, we have to charge our effort and expenses but cordiality is free of charge at our Place

Perfect Celebrations Venue Cebu
Trendsetting Resort Alcoy

Birthday or Wedding Here is the right place

As a Top Resort, we offer space for all kinds of events. Birthday or Wedding. Anniversary or Debu. Alinga Resort Alcoy offers the right Space and the best Set-Up.

Catering for Events

When your Event shall be exceptional the Food also must be outstanding!

How shall your special day become special when the food is ordinary like on thousands of Fiestas you are invited to!

Sophisticated Food is not only available in our Restaurant. Of course, we also cater to all your Guests if you celebrate and party in Alinga Resort. Up to 350 People is no problem for our ambitious and experienced crew. And the best of all: We serve the food really hot and not half-hearted as usual!

Alcoy Top Restaurant
Alcoy Top Restaurant Cebu

The Best Experience Ever

Party in its true meaning

A Party or other Event in Alinga is not a shy thing. Here people feel the good vibes and enjoy the night! Boring is elsewhere but not at our place. Operating with a famous Event Manger we will surprise your Guests and Exceed your expectations!

Here you get inclusions and extras you even don´t find in 5 Star Hotels in the City! Try and let u surprise you