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Even when we try to show all you need to know for your decision it may be that still, some things are not clear. How about Room Booking? Can we really bring our Pet for free? How to appoint a Wedding or Celebration? Find now the most frequently asked Questions about Alinga Resort and Restaurant in Alcoy-Cebu. If there are still concerns please feel free to contact us directly.

FAQ Video Alinga Resort

We understand that is exhausting to read plenty of text-only to get one question answered. Therefore we also explain all questions we daily receive in our FAQ Video. We made it as simple as possible. The Video is separated into Chapters. Just click on the Chapter you are interested in in the timeline of the video.

We thank you in advance for understanding that we want to keep our rates stable and fair. Plenty of Questions are simply to answer this way in our modern online world. If we start to reply plenty of times for the same question we need to hire more employees what finally will occur higher rates for you. We think it is also in your interest to avoid expenses for nothing. Thanks.


No. We offer the most breathtaking view over the ocean but you have to cross the National Highway to go to the beach. The walking distance is around 3 minutes.

Note: Minimizing a Resort to Beach Access is not really fair. A Resort or Restaurant must offer Quality, Personality, and Uniqueness. Only by this, we have to assess the value of a resort. Overcrowded beaches and accompanying waste is indeed nothing we would rank as a Highlight. Moreover, you must be prepared that a Beach Resort will charge you a minimum of double the rate and mostly delivers half of our service and quality.

On-demand we offer transfer to Tingko Beach for free.

Alinga Resort Alcoy don´t charge entrance fee but we ask a minimum order from our Restaurant. If you want to use our Pool or Jacuzzi we will charge 250 Php per Adult and 125 Php for Children.

Please note: Actually we observe plenty of people coming and taking lots of pictures. They don´t order anything and almost all dump their waste in our Trash cans or simply in our Garden. Please understand that there is no access to our Area without order. It is a sign of education to pay respect to our efforts in maintenance. We love to serve people and we do all to make you happy but we don´t accept when people disrespect our place and our hard work. All of us are here to survive and earn our needs. A Resort is not a playground where we only spend time to avoid boredom at home.

Therefore we strictly prohibit any food or beverage from outside. We don´t charge any corkage fee but we deny access.

In terms of mutual fairness we think it is sad that we have to explain this. 

We only ask deposit when you order a Wedding or other kind of Event. To guarantee your Event we ask 50% Deposit 2 weeks in advance.

Rooms can be booked without a Deposit. To guarantee that the room is still available after our Check-in Time of 1 pm we ask 50% on our Bank account or by PayPal. All details for advanced payments are referred to you with our booking confirmation.

Credit cards can currently not be accepted due to technical problems of our bank institute. Thanks for understanding again.

Even if this is to find clearly on our booking site we want to help for fast decision and calculate some examples for you now:

 Garden Rooms: 2,000 Php Good for 2. Included Breakfast (Good for 2) 2,500 Php per night. Every Extra Person (maximum of 4 per room) is 500 Php without breakfast and 750 Php included Breakfast. If you will occupy a Garden Room with 3 Adults you will pay 3,250 Php per night. Children below the age of 12 years stay for free. Breakfast for Children will be charged when ordered.

Pets stay for free in all our rooms.

Seaview Rooms: 3,000 Php per night (Good for 2).Included Breakfast 3,500 Php per night (Good for 2). Extra person like above (500 Php per Head excluded breakfast and 750 per head included breakfast). When you occupy the Room with 3 Adults you will pay 4,250 Php included breakfast for all 3 Pax. If none of you will have breakfast the room is at 3,500 Php for 3 Pax.

Children below the age of 12 are also free in available beds (no extra beds available). Breakfast will be charged if ordered. Pets stay also for free.

End of Lesson:-)

Our Garden Rooms regular are available for a maximum of 3 Pax.

Garden Rooms Extra and all of our Seaview Rooms offer occupancy of maximum of 4 Pax.

Caused by restrictions due to Covid this is the absolute maximum we can allow! 

We also think that overfilling of rooms will occur that quality of stay is destroyed. We are focused to experiences and our Guests appreciate the Level we offer. And level means that we obey the minimum of regulations of hospitality. We are not a Camping area or Backpackers Place and therefore it is an aesthetic preference to keep occupancy to the level the room is build for. Thanks for understanding.

Yes it is in all open-air-areas and in Garden Rooms.

In Seaview Rooms we prohibit smoking due to lot of wooden materials we used for our furniture. But that is not a problem: Our Guests can smoke on the Balcony which is included the room.

We cal ourselves Tolerant. A location like ours, offering a huge open-air area and also 80% of our Restaurant is open air it is really not disturbing to smoke. But it is annoying for smokers permanently being restricted. Smoking is not illegal. In times when lots of restrictions and policies rule our lives we shall be happy for tolerant and mutual understanding destinations. And we want to be one of them.

Note: Also uni-sexual-orientated Guests, Transgenders and all other ways of life we neither judge nor prohibit as long nobody is harmed. All kind of illegal orientation we don´t accept and will report to the respectively offices.

Direct Hotline for further Concerns

Hotline Text or Call

+63(0)926 08 444 33


+63(0)32 483 9119

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Google Maps Location

Located directly at the National Highway-South Road.

Coming from Cebu: Right side around 800 m after passing PMSC Mining Alcoy.

Coming from Santander/Oslob: Left side after leaving Poblacion Alcoy and entering Barangay Pasol.

A big sign installed over the Highway will direct you to our Resort and Restaurant Entrance

Image Source: Alinga Productions Munich-Cebu, Google