Creating new Hotel Trends for Cebu

Hard work for being remembered

We don´t deny any effort to create new Hotel Trends for Cebu. The value of your doing is to see in the memory people keep of you. Winners prefer Trendsetting instead of Trend-following. For hundreds of Hours, we rehearsed Stage Plays scene by scene. Repeating the text-direct the scene-helping the cast. Never before our creative team worked with non-professionals. Finally, we were surprised what an awesome result they delivered. A further reason to not giving up teaching talents. But this is not all we do besides hosting people: We were able to perform the first Christmas Play in Alcoy ever. Did you know that we are also strongly fighting against poverty and social iniquity? Watch our Highlights of a 10 years fight for changes and renewal.

Hotel Trends for Cebu with unforgettable Shows

Watch short footage of our Mamma Mia Show. People still miss it and hope that we perform again.

Let´s see what time will bring.

Christmas NIght in Alcoy. The first time that the Church presented a Live Christmas Play. Direction and Training of course by Alinga Resort. It is the greatest Show ever on Cebu. “Tradition” -a 2 hours festival of famous Musial Hits with customized story and design.


When we talk about Musicals people look at us and don´t know what we mean by that. This is really appalling when we consider that this Industry is making around 800 Billion Dollars every year (not in Pandemic) and already started in the latest ’50s. of the past century. When we mention “Cats” or “EVITA” people have an idea of what we are talking about. “Mamma Mia” is just a Hollywood Move for most people. We started to show them that this all started with Stage Plays. Nowadays it is usual that an upper-level REsort or Hotel offers Guests Entertainment like this. We are prepared and we know-how. It must not be that Aliniga Resort will be the one and only with presentations like this and we are anytime willing to teach others for the benefit of a better Tourism industry!

Church and Alinga Resort

We were sad that a country with 98% catholic believers is celebrating Christmas very far away from the miracle that comes with this time. Plenty of Christian countries honor this time with plays in the Church. As our Father asks us for help it was a decision within seconds to say “yes”.  And there is a valuable “side-effect” coming with it: The youth-nowadays lost and sometimes left to their own devices showed a big portion af ambition. We can go on mourning that the “new generation” becomes addicted to Cellphones, the internet, or even Alcohol. But we can also give them alternatives. What do we expect when we furnish them with a little money to spend time at a Karaoke where Red Horse is to find all around? We understand that parents cannot spend 24 hours with their children but in times of closed schools somebody has to take care and with projects like this it is a wonderful way to create moments and self-confidence far away from impersonal likes on Instagram or Tik Tok!

Acting and Dancing Workshop

It is not sufficient when we talk about shows and Guest Entertainment only.  We have to educate actors, actresses, dancers, singers, and musicians to fulfill demands of international and in a few time maybe also local Tourists. As long we abandon this duty to school teachers who all do their best but they don´t come from the Entertainment Industry, we will anytime be stuck in an average level only. So either we will train our school teachers or we care about talents our own! Fiesta Presentations tell us that it is time to act! As long we yee anytime the same presentations, the same model-contests we are barely not in the position to compete with Tourist Players on the Globe. Sadder as we seldom found more potential in a country with higher ambition than here in the Philippines. We fight to use this potential for the benefit of plenty people!

Offering new Guest Entertainment

It would be poor when we point out only that there is a lack of modern Tourism without accepting the Background. As long nobody offers a cultural scenery we must not blame people when they don´t know. Europe and the USA have cultural festivals on their schedules in school. This is expensive and we understand that we cannot request this so far. Therefore we offer our shows for free from time to time. When we will succeed and international Tourism comes back it will also improve our figures and income. Finally, we are able to finance cultural programs also in schools. We only have to break the circle at the right position.

Social engagement in Cebu Province

We came to improve the Situation of all. Therefore we started social and helping programs to enhance the economy and personal situation of the citizens. We still are convinced that analyzing talents and supporting them is better than giving one-time financial help what never will improve the general situation. But in some Situations, we only can help with money and relief. Watch what we mean by that…

Prompt help after Natural Disasters

If countries come to need it sometimes is a house-own-made problem of structure, traditions, and rites. But there is also some emergency that is not man-made. Hayan or how it was called here, Jolanda brought devastation and misery over the country. As a sign of how close Alinga Resort and its guests are we started a call for help from all our Guests, families, and Friends. Within 4 weeks we were able to collect over 1.6 Million Pesos and started our Charity Project. Tons of Rice, Water, Snacks we delivered to the North of Cebu. Houseguests help us to pack the relief goods and some of them joined our trips to the named area. “How can we enjoy holidays in your wonderful resort when there are so many people in need” all of them stated to us. This is what we call the special personality of Alinga Resort.

Long-Term help after Hayan

After our second trip to the “Hayan” Area, we recognized that official institutions like the Red cross already have taken oversupply of Food and Water. There was no need for us to bring these belongings again because it already started that people sold the relief goods due to over-supply. But we still had money and so we decided to build up small houses for families to live in. 16 houses we were able to donate! We call this sustainability and we also do it with our environmental protection program for years! Avoiding plastic, avoiding waste, saving electricity. This all will help nature not derail more often from year to year and bringing people down to misery!

Creating New Stars of Music

Enhance Music Talents is one of our priorities. International Music Producers are seeking new markets and talents. Korea is one of the latest examples that Superstars need not come from the USA or Europe only. We prepare talents and stop them from losing all their talent with Karaoke or Videoke. Free Workshops and Recordings on the European/USA level are a fantastic tool to encourage talents starting their way to fame and recognition.

Offering a stage to talents

In the Philippines, it is usual to say: “When you want to get poor start a career as a musician”. Sad truth is that Musicians are not highly valued in the country. Plenty of them performs for Food and Tip only. But they also have to buy equipment and have to invest in their education. We don´t talk about “KAraoke Stars” we talk about Musicians. There are some really auspicious Bands to find in the Country. We wanna give them a stage and also help them to improve their performance. When the impact of a Band is amazing people will also pay for it. This is the sense of our Live-Program. Every Guest joining will help to give new work to Artists they can exist from. Always remember: A country without culture in arts shows true poverty!

Development in Tourism Industry

To tell it frankly: The Tourism Industry in the Philippines is far away from being competitive. The development of the Tourism Industry is stuck somewhere in the past ancient centuries. Even 10 years ago we started to change this. It is not easy as long people don´t learn to offer what the market demands but latest after the Pandemic only the modern strategies will survive. Even if we felt a subtle resistance against new ways we never stopped. Finally, plenty of people have to admit that our new innovative Events are what the Industry needs urgently. Have a look and try to be open-minded to our new trends so that we can go on modernizing Tourism and secure many workplaces in the Country.

Exceed expectations with Surprises

We always test our concepts in advance. This video shows how we create that touch of personal care for our guests. As Inge had her Birthday she decided to not celebrate it anyhow. We all promised to accept this. In her back, we prepared a surprise within 2 days. We recorded a song and involved also our house guests and staff.  See the result. 4 weeks later we repeated this concept as a German Couple was celebrating its 20th anniversary. Friends of them informed us and it was the beginning of a life-time friendship between our Guests and Alinga Resort.

American Rodeo on Cebu

Totally different for us was the first and sad to say last American Rodeo in Alcoy. We only recorded the Song, Sponsored it a bit, and supported it with Organization. IT was an amazing event with plenty of Visitors. We shall do stuff like this more often-especially when INternational Tourists will come back some day. It was were informative but most of all it was a great and funny day!

Event Surprises for Tourists

A German Citizen celebrates BIrthday at Alinga. He invited all close friends to avoid false Guests coming when he celebrates in Germany. Some of them told us that he is a big fan of Al Bundy the protagonist in a famous Sitcom from the USA (Married…with Children). Of course, we produced a short movie aligned with the info we received from his friends. Still today he looks at this funny Video we made and shows it to all his friends in Germany. Little effort and big impact. We don´t find surprises like this anywhere besides our Resort in Cebu so far. Even locals had fun with this small episode we performed.

Munich Oktoberfest in Alcoy

Similar to the Rodeo we presented the (German-Bavarian) Munich Oktoberfest. The original is the most famous Beer Festival to find World-Wide. As our owner is originally coming from Munich and was a Musician performing on Oktoberfest it was a self-evident fact that he will share the Culture of Oktoberfest with the Locals in Cebu. Furthermore, there are living plenty of Germans in Alcoy it made sense to hold a festival like this in Alcoy. And what shall we say: Both parties-locals and foreigners were surprised! Locals because they saw how funny and active Germans can be with sufficient Beer and THE RIGHT music (of course Alex performed in old-bavarian-style) and the Germans cannot believe that Philippine Musicians are able to perform German “Oktoberfest Hits” live on Stage! This is what we call mutual understanding, mutual respect, and global Tolerance! Exactly the spirit of the Original Beer Festival in Munich attracting over 12 million visitors every year and is copied in 98 countries including Korea, Japan, and China! That we still have to explain what Oktoberfest in Germany is (when the entire World already knows) is a mess and therefore…

It´s time to repeat this unique Festival with the Origin of its spirit as soon as possible!