Revolution against overpriced Tours on Cebu!

Time to stop the abusing and customer-unfriendly way, Tours on Cebu are operated today. We are Rebels in Tour Business Cebu. Better Destinations***More valuable Pricing***Better Partner for Customers*** More Guest-orientated Tour Design.True Revolution of Tours on Cebu.

Meet the Tour Revolution Team and learn what will give more Value to your Cebu Trip

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Why it is past time to start a Tour Revolution on Cebu!

With upcoming Fame of the Whale-Sharks Cebu lost an elemental Skill for Tourism. All of a sudden they don´t need to woo for Tourists. Tourists arrived in flocks to see the Giants of Oslob-Cebu.

Tour Revolution Cebu Tourist Oslob

Tourist Inrush Oslob Cebu

100 to 120 Boats like above paddel daily up to 3 Times filled with Oslob Whale-Shark Tourists

What did that Whale-Shark-Boom  do to Cebu?

Pristine Highlights on Cebu

This is what you all miss with booking another Agency than the urgently needed Tour Revolution of Cebu Paradise Tours. This lifestyle made the Island beautiful and unique and all this will be destroyed with every Whale-Shark One day Trip. Not only that People lose any chance to survive. We wonder why People visit Cebu and don´t want to see the real beautiful Destinations making this Island unique and different from others.

  • Vegetable Market was the Number One choice to meet Locals, learn about Lifestyle of the Philippines and get in Touch with the Country (Picture Vegetable Market)
  • True Fun for small Budget was to follow Traditions for instance the Carabao-Riding (Picture Ride the Bull)
  • Kawasan destroyed smaller but similar attractive Waterfall-Destinations. People living there were happy to get some Money to survive and guided Tourists in an Honest Way (Picture Alcoy Mountains Falls)
  • Farmers on the biggest Vegetable Market in Mantalongon sold directly to Locals and Tourists before they sent their harvest to the Supermarkets where they are suppressed with Low Budget Prices (Picture Vegetables Mantalongon Cebu)
  • Tingko Beach in Alcoy is still the most beautiful Beach in Southern Cebu. Agencies deny to go there because it´s only 20 Pesos Entrance and there is nothing to earn with (Picture Tingko Alcoy)
  • Hotels and Resorts organized lots of Events to give Fun and Entertainment to the Guests and Locals. Here People came together and a Tourist was able to feel the “Pinoy-Feeling”. Oslob Hotels never do so because they earn much more out of you when you pay full price for low effort. (Picture Fun and Entertainment on Cebu)

Stop Booking Hotels in Oslob!

The Truth about Oslob Hotels and Resorts

We want to show you what you must expect from a Hotel or Resort and tell you what you usually get over there. Most severely is what Nobody likes to tell you: Oslob is Boring! No Nightlife, No Events, No Ambition. Like all over there the Village decided to follow the Fast-Food-Attitude. “Events and Entertainment are expensive-why wasting the good income from Whale-Sharks to Tourists”(Original Citation of a Hotel Owner to a Tour Guide)

  • First 3 Pictures (Is it worth it?” “3 Stars-really” and “Room in Oslob”)are in a range of over 3000 Pesos per night.
  • Last Picture (“Tour Resort Room”) is our offer to you for 2500 Pesos per night.

What to learn from this? 

There are of course good Hotels in Oslob but Agencies don´t book over there. Almost all of the good Ones already existed before the Whale Sharks came and are mostly empty. Oslob is no Village to have Fun and you´ll better book a room in another Village where Hotel owners are not that kind of spoiled and pampered. Also never consider a Day Tour if you really want to have a great Trip. You need time to visit all Beauties and this is never to achieve when it already takes 7 hours to come and go back to the City! If somebody still is convinced to do the best with a Day Tour or Overnight in Oslobok for that we have no Medicine. But we know: You are a smart booker and we are convinced to welcoming you soon.

Key Features of our Tour Revolution Concept

Above of all we focus on a complete All Satisfaction Experience. Destinations are important and we look that each of it is a Highlight. OF course we will also bring you to Whale-Sharks but this is indeed only a Side Adventure and shows nothing from the real beauty of Cebu Island. Very important is the High Qualkity of  all Programm Items you spend much time. Your Accommodation, The Restaurant The Relaxing Areas. Entertainment and Dsitraction from your usual Life is same important as Good Service, Personal Customer Care and Reasonable Prices. Only the best Partners will be a Part of our Tour Revolution. At least we want to give you a short Overview how our Tour Center and all amenities are looking like. 

Restaurant and Resort in Tour Revolution Standard

Curve-Seaview-Restaurant counts to one of the best Food-Destinations to find in Southern Cebu. 16 Awards they already collected since launching in 2004 for Best Taste, Best Pizza, Outstanding Service and Food-Quality.

Cebu Tour Center

Parrot Paradise Resort

Tour Revolution Hotel Parrot Paradise Alcoy Cebu

Launched in 2007 Parrot Paradise Resort Alcoy collected already 6 Awards for Best View, Best Service, Best Maintenance and Ambiance. Since the beginnin the Resort is the First choice for Artists, Actors and Celebrities when they stay in the Southern Part of Cebu.

What´s close to Revolution Tour Center?

Mama Mary 20 Min

2,5 Hrs from Cebu City

Walesharks 45 Min

3 Hrs from Cebu City

Kawasan Falls 1,5 Hrs

4.5 Hrs from Cebu City

Broadway Show Inhouse

2.5 Hrs from Cebu City

Bull-Riding 20 Min.

3.5 Hrs from City 

Little Broadway Stage Top Highlight of our Revolution Tour Concept

Tour Revolution Cebu Show Event

The First and Cebu´s only true Broadway Stage to find on the Island. Brilliant Story, Breathtaking Costumes,High Quality Performance, Unique Light-Show and Sound-Design. Created, directed and operated from an Original Broadway Musical Artist. This is the strongest Impact of our Tour Revolution.

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Tour Revolution Cebu Cheryl


GM and Show Actor

Rebel of Tour Revolution Cebu Lorie the Organizer


GM HR and Organization

Service Staff in Bodos Resort Alcoy

The Team

Service and Planning

Cast of Little Broadway Cebu


Little Broadway Alcoy

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