Teambuilding Cebu

Our Team is a strong unit

Teambuilding is very trendy. But what we see is mostly a waste of time and opportunities. True Teambuilding finds solutions and brings the Team closer together. Funny games like they are usually done in Teambuilding have no real challenge. What we are doing is acting together. Preparing Stage Plays over weeks. Our Crew learns to find solutions but more important: They change their personality to a stronger and more self-confident one. See a few impressions from our Practice Work for We Will Rock you-Mamma Mia and our House-Own Show. These talents will also give big benefit for our guests. Expect perfect Guest Entertainment when you stay with us! 

We Will Rock You from Queen

We will Rock you! The famous Musical Show from and with the Music of Queen. We created our own Alinga Version of WWRY. Big Fun in Alcoy and more fun for our Guests joining the Show!

Mamma Mia from ABBA live in Alcoy

The Top Highlight in 2017! Mamma Mia live on Stage. A typical Show from our Resort crew. Plenty of times Guests beg us to re-vitalize this ambitioned and emotional Stage-Play!

"Tradition"-Show-our first house-own Production

The biggest Show ever in Cebu. 2 hours stage play about the history of the Philippines! Fantastic Lights and Sound- impressive Dances and funny acting. Performed from 2018 until Covid stopped us!

Alinga-Resort Social Activities

We anytime share! After Hayan we donated 1.6 Million Pesos to the most affected area of this disaster. Collected from our Friends, Family, and former Guests! But also without devastation, there are plenty of poor people not be able to join our prosperous life. Therefore we donate every year some gifts to let them know that they are also a part of society. May this come also into officials someday! 

More from our Area

Even when we show our entire Area in our Videos-people love Pictures. Therefor we want to give some more impressions from our Wonderful Place.

Social Engagement in Alcoy Society

Not only our Shows inside the Hotel Area are a part of community life. We also donate our Knowledge and Experience to the Church of Alcoy. Find also some impressions of what we understand with bringing people together. maybe you can feel our Ambiance we are always talking about-but better come and get it live!