Find the Top 10 Wedding Tips for Cebu 2021 

Weddings are expensive. With these Top Wedding Tips for Cebu updated in 2021, you can save thousands of Pesos. You can invest 26 minutes of your life in our Video or regret the rest of your life paying too much for your wedding. Our first tutorial with the best 10 Wedding Tips 2021 will teach how to deduct your expenses by checking your guest list and finding the perfect wedding venue. Plenty of Wedding couples pay Wedding Planners for services that are already included for free in a Perfect Wedding Venue.  Learn how an awesome Wedding Catering should look like and also what inclusions your Wedding Venue shall offer for free.

Top Wedding Tip Number one

The first of our Top Wedding Tips is regarding the Guestlist. A Wedding is the day of the Wedding Couple and no obligation to impress friends, family, or parents. Invite you deserves it and select properly who is really paying the respect to your special day.

Top Wedding Tips Cebu

Wasting money with wrong guestlist

How often we have to witness weddings that are reserved for 150 people plus. Finally, there are joining 80 people. RSVP seems to be unknown for plenty of people. These "guests" don´t care that the wedding couple still has to pay for them even when they don´t show up. Therefore we strongly recommend our first wedding tip: Invite only who really deserves it. People not respecting you effort you are doing to share this moment with them have nothing to do on your list of invitations.

Top 10 wedding tips in one video

People love pictures. Therefore we offer a special service. All our top wedding tips for Cebu in 2021 we also offer as free Video. We explain all our hacks and advice step by step. Every video will treat 2 tips for your wedding. Even in parts one and two, you can decrease your Wedding expenses by over 90 k. And this is only the beginning. There is a big potential for saving money. You can invest 26 minutes of your life or you can also regret the rest of your life that you paid awful more money for your wedding as it is needed.

Earn money with your Wedding

As a top benefit, we also tell you how you can earn money with your wedding. This highlight of wedding tips will be available in one of our following videos and is only available for people subscribing to our channel on youtube. All of this is free of charge. Don´t be shy-take the unique chance we are offering to you!

Milestone of Wedding Tips 2021

Our second top wedding tip for people in Cebu is a milestone in saving wedding expenses. Don´t see a wedding location as a place for your reception only. This place is the center of all services you need for your wedding. Did you hire a Wedding planner? What is this person doing? Cooking, Serving food and beverage, entertaining your guests? None of this the wedding planner is doing. Your Wedding coordinator is forwarding your demands to the service staff of the Wedding Venue and finally, these employees are doing the service and prepare your food. For Wedding Planners are seldom managers the staff will listen to the manger they are used to. What is the result of this? You pay a wedding planner for things that other people do instead! Or to make it more clear: You have an additional position on your bill only for sending a wedding planner instead of telling your desires directly to the people who are important for a great experience! Our tip is: Don´t pay people that will not deliver but talk to people owning the competency to make you happy.

Best Wedding Venue Cebu 2021

Free inclusions of a perfect Wedding Venue

Plenty of people refuse to realize what a big treasure a perfect wedding venue will be. They are focused on a Wedding Planner and will pay lots of services twice. See how much money you can save with free inclusions of a perfect wedding location: Free Photo and Video coverage Room for preparation One free overnight stay for the wedding couple Make-up and Hair Design Rental of Wedding Attires Decoration and Set-up Wedding Planning and Coordination Sound and Light Equipment Technicians Host and Emcee

Breakdown of Wedding Costs in Cebu

Alcoy Cebu offers a sensational chance for a breakdown of wedding costs. Whilst Wedding Planners in Cebu City are charging huge amounts for their service our wedding Design includes almost all you need for a memorable Wedding.  We dislike the term of cheap and prefer to call it affordable, economical, or reasonable Weddings.  Alcoy is well known as a picturesque paradise and Tingko Beach attracts thousands of visitors every week. Therefore it is not a good idea to celebrate directly on the Beach which is overcrowded every day and far away of any intimate ambiance. A Beach Resort is also not made to offer a breakdown of your wedding costs. Contrary to professional Wedding Venues they only offer the location but no inclusions for your Wedding. As a result, you have to hire a Wedding Agency to manage your wedding and this will occur additional costs for you. Watch the latest Video Tutorial about cutting Wedding costs. This is generally valid and informative for every couple planning to marry in the near future.

If you think it makes no difference if the team of your Wedding Location or a Wedding Planner will organize your most important day you will be breathless after watching the video. Appoint a consultation for free at Alinga Resort and Restaurant in Alcoy and you will lose lots of expenses but win plenty of quality for your Wedding.

These Top Wedding Tips are like Gold. Together with our closest friend, Fr. Ver from Alcoy Parsh we discuss the needs of Wedding couples. We try to find ways out of the dilemma of having a memorable wedding but still can afford it. Wedding people have to learn to trust in the right people. Wedding agencies are very seöldom the right choice. With these Wedding Tips, they will have a fair chance to get the best out of this special day.
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