Trendsetting Resort Alcoy will change Tourism in Cebu

Trendsetting Resort Alcoy

A Hotel or Resort has to offer more than accommodation only. Our Trendsetting Resort Alcoy  in the South of Cebu surprises with plenty of features while our competitors till focus on essential hardware only. The difference between a regular hotel or a trendsetting resort takes place with a look at soft skills. All out of this has to be reasonable and transparent. Check our fair room rates and enjoy our easy booking with the booking machine.   

Special Resort in Alcoy Cebu

Why are we a special Resort in Alcoy? Since our beginning in 2004 we started as Trendsetters. Even today some competitors come to take pictures from our menu and copy our cuisine. They forget that the difference is to find in the way of preparation and the way of service. The ambiance comes from the cooperation between employees and guests. Since the opening, we count a very admirable society our guests. We are donating moments and memories and not only food and accommodation. This is why we are still called the Pioneer of a trendsetting resort in Alcoy Cebu.

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